Does pH REALLY Matter?

Does pH matter in an aquarium?  Of course it does.  If the pH of an aquarium is too low, the fish will die.  Well our body is similar to an aquarium…the fish representing our cells.  Our body is 70% water…the water outside the cell is salt water and inside the cell is fresh water.  Just like our planet is 70% water and the water outside the continents is salt water and inside the continents is fresh water.

The pH of our blood is 7.365 and it must stay extremely close to that or we will die.  So, the body will do whatever it has to do to maintain the alkalinity of the blood.  One of the first places the body will draw from is the bones.  Calcium is very alkaline so the body will draw calcium from the bones which will lead to osteoporosis over time.  Another thing our amazing body will do if we are getting too acidic is store fat around our organs to protect them from the acidic environment.  A lot of people lose weight when they start drinking alkaline water because as they become less and less acidic, the body starts releasing the stored fat.

A lot of Naturopathic doctors believe there really is only ONE disease…Acidosis.  The body is too acidic and it just depends how acidic and what part of the body is effected.  Here’s a list of symptoms you’ll experience if you’re in the early stages of Acidosis:  acne, muscle pain, dizziness, cold hands and feet, low energy, joint pain, food allergies, hyperactivity, panic attacks, PMS, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, strong smelling urine, headaches, rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat, white coated tongue, hard to get up in the morning, head mucous and metallic taste in mouth.  If you would like me to email a complete list of symptoms for beginning, intermediate and advanced Acidosis symptoms, just send me an email to

Because our body is 70% water, the easiest way to raise your pH is by drinking alkaline water.  It is very difficult to raise your pH with just diet alone once again because…we are 70% WATER!!!   Of course it’s important to also eat a good diet.  We can’t expect our body to produce life if all we eat is dead fo0d.  You can tell if a food has life by asking this simple question…will it rot or spoil?  If so, there are live enzymes in it and you want to eat it BEFORE it rots or spoils.  I would also recommend eating 80% alkaline foods and no more than 20% acidic.

It’s been proven that your body can heal itself like God intended if you are slightly alkaline and the easiest way to raise your pH is by drinking alkaline water.  The reason people are acidic today is because of what they’re eating, drinking, breathing and stress.  My personal thinking is that water is just too big a piece of the health puzzle to get wrong.  If we are almost 3/4 water then 3/4 of the health puzzle is one big piece made up of water.  When you drink Kangen alkaline, high antioxidant, micro-clustered water…you are helping to create the environment your body needs to heal itself.  If you would like a FREE 2 week trial, send me an email @ or call me @ 717-333-9076.

Have a blessed day,

Rhonda <><