5 Places Left In The World With “Healing” Water

Did you know there are ONLY 5 places left in the world with “healing” water?  They are Tlacote Mexico, Nordenau Germany, Nadana Village India, Yankalilla Australia and The Himalayan Mountains in China.

People come by the thousands every day to get this “healing” water.  Most of them don’t understand why it works they just know…it works.  Here is the rate of improvement from drinking this “healing water”:

Diabetes ~ 88%

Arthritis ~ 87%

Digestion ~ 91%

Respiratory ~ 89%

Skin Disease ~ 96%

Allergies ~ 99%

HIV ~ 100%

Back in the 1950’s the Japanese decided to study the water in these 5 remote locations.  They discovered the “healing” water was loaded with antioxidants (negative charge instead of positive), it was alkaline (most water today is acidic) and was micro-clustered (clumps of 5 or 6 molecules instead of 15 to 20).

The Japanese eventually built a machine that would take regular water and through the process of electrolysis…change it into this amazing “healing” water.  It’s called a water ionizer and in Japan it is a licensed medical device which they use in most of their hospitals and clinics.  The people of Japan have been drinking this water for 40 years and they are #1 in the world in overall health and longevity while the U.S. is #38.


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