My Why – It’s all about God, being the best Husband and the best Father that I once wasn’t….

Few know my story but most don’t as I have had serious poor health throughout my life and now my mission is my fight for True Health! On April 17th, 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident that Changed My World……

Here is my story….
When I was born 1961, I was 2 pound 11 ounces (1.19Kg) and almost 12 weeks early and I was never breast feed as a new born. This was in 1961 and my parents were told if I make it through the weekend then I would live. My Mom and Dad divorced when I was 4 years of age.

In 1975 I made the decision after summer vacation with my Dad to not return to my Mother’s in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. My Dad and my Step Mother travelled frequently and my 2 sisters, 3 step brothers and my half brother and half sister found ourselves fending for ourselves breakfast, lunch and dinner! For myself, my diet was very unhealthy, a fair amount of alcohol, ok a lot of alcohol and recreational drugs…..

In Grammar school and Junior High I played soccer and goalie was my favorite position. With super large hands that can pick up a basketball I was stubborn to not let much by me in the goal.

Prior to my relocation to Connecticut I played in the South Carolina State Tennis Circuit, ran 10 miles a day on the beaches of Hilton Head Island and played Pop Warner Football for the Island Gators.

Our team went All South, we beat the North and lost in the Championship game. I played football in many towns and cities including Paris Island which is the boot camp for the US Marines. In 8th Grade I was drafted by the High School May River Acadamy “A” ranked Football Team. I started and played first string right guard and played 2nd string nose guard. Yes… 8th Grade, 1st String Varsity High School Football in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Unfortunately this school was a segregated school in the south. We played “AAA” Ranked High School Football Teams and got our button kicked most every week We were good though and had a tough team which eventually went on to win the division. We had the likes of players that could kick 55 yard field goals.

In the summer of 1976 I started high school in Fairfield Connecticut and once again played right wing, fullback and goalie for my freshman soccer team.

This where my lifestyle changed and ran wild. In high school I worked at a local hot dog joint that was ranked as one of the top ten hot dog joints in America. I would cook 600 hotdogs on a Saturday and ate 3 or 4 a day…..

In 1979 I had a motorcycle wreck with a lot of road rash and some left knee nerve damage. In 1982 I had a motorcycle wreck and broke my upper arm clean. I had a 1/4″ diameter 11-1/2″ long pin in my right shoulder, upper arm to my right elbow. Truly blessed to have my arm today with full movement.

In 1985 I was working for a machine builder and had a 3000 pound (1360 Kg) steel table fall on me. I also was electrocuted many times in my life. Thanks to God I am here today with my family.

In 1986 I had L5S1 lower back surgery due to my accident.

In 1991 I had L5S1 lower back surgery again due to my previous accident. I had to go thru extensive rehab to regain my balance. The program was 5 hours a day, five days a week for 6 months to learn to rewalk again.

In 1989 I was diagnosed with a very bad case of diverticulitis. I was told by the doctor that I was his youngest but sickest patient every in his career.

In 1993 at the age of 32 I had a perforated colon and had to have emergency surgery to have a colostomy bag. I had lost 52 pounds (23.58 Kg’s) in 16 days. I was virtually dead as my white blood cell count was at 220 million.

Six weeks later I was put back into critical condition to have the colostomy bag removed. I was herniated in several locations before I left the hospital. I was told everything was fine and normal.

In 1995 I had a deviated septum surgery due to horrible headaches for 20 plus years. My headaches were similar to probably many of yours.

I spent many days in the dark, sweating, eyes popping out of my head with these killer headaches. Ice, darkness, coffee, water, soda but nothing helped. My headaches were due to bacteria deep within my nasal passages and severe dehydration. I used the Neti-Pot for 6 months straight twice a day and stopped drinking soda.

In 1996 I had an 11 hour surgery for a very bad arrhythmia condition called Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome (WPW). I subsequently years later I went into A-fib and A-Flutter and had to have my heart stopped in the emergency room. This was the worst experience in my life.

I was then admitted and had my heart shocked back into rhythm. I was give Propofol and had my second heart surgery. My arrhythmia condition worsen after surgery and day by day got worse.

In 1999 I met my beautiful wife Melinda and through the Grace of God I was able to get off 18 to 20 Anvil tablets a day. I had been on long use of anti-inflammatory prescription drugs and then the Anvil over the counter thereafter.

In 2008 I had a hernia rupture which caused emergency surgery to repair the heriation. The hernia was the size of a cantaloupe. Thank God it didn’t kill me.

In 2012 I was involved in a serious car accident which changed my life in a blink of an eye. God surely has my attention. I was in our brand new Toyota Sienna Van Limited and was hit from behind on the rear right by a speeding Ford Expedition doing 50 plus miles per hour. 50% of the windows blew out and wrinkled up to the second row Seating.

Our 3 day old van and the Ford Expedition were totaled. Toyota’s Safety Connect System had every emergency notified within seconds and had all emergency services headed to my location within minutes. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and shortly released.

My neck and lower back were in bad shape and soon there after sent to rehab. Rehab didn’t work well as it continued to aggravate my back. They applied exercise versus treating me with ice or heat.

This accident woke up the sleeping giant as if my previous back injuries weren’t bad enough. My back was obviously not straight and or in place. Shortly thereafter my lower gave out and I dislocated my lower torso. This happened twice within a half hour.

I thought I was crippled for life as my feet instantly went 75% numb and lost most feeling from the knees down. After ice and rest the result was the front half-full my feet were 75% numb 360 degrees around.

No Neuro Surgeon can tell me where my issue exists and I have been to some of the best in the business.

In 2016 I had 8 incisional hernias repaired and unfortunately failed the same day. Now today I have a 9″ X 7″ piece of mesh with 60 internal staples with a large section not intact. The doctor checked me in and out the same day. I was taken by ambulance the following day only to be checked out and released. I knew something wasn’t right shortly after surgery.

I have spent well over 70 days in the hospital in my adult life with numerous surgeries due to a poor diet, bad choices, industrial accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical caused conditions and a very acidic dehydrated body.

Today I still suffer with several failed incisional hernia surgeries and a poor back after two back surgeries fighting to avoid the big one.

Back in 2014 after my first Hernia repair failure I was having a horrible time. This all took place Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving on Thursday. I took it slow on Thanksgiving and on Friday I started go ogling my condition and came to the conclusion I had an incarcerated hernia.

This is a very serious condition and it can kill you within hours in many cases. I announced I needed to go to YALE Medical Center immediately. We packed up our young children and we rushed to the emergency.

After a many hours of tests, scans and manipulation I was told in fact I was correct and had an incarcerated hernia. I was told to make an appointment immediately with the surgeon. After seeing the surgeon on Monday I was told that I needed a major surgery to correct my deteriorating condition.

The doc told me that I would be out of work for 6 months and healing. If all went well though I maybe able to return to work earlier. The doctor told me that I would need to go see the Plastic Surgeon as the operation was beyond the expert General Surgeon.

A short time later I got into see the Plastic Surgeon and he reiterated the complexity of the procedure and said I would be out for an extended period of time and healing for a year.

Well that completely freaked both Melinda and I out as we were concerned for our family and how the bills were going to be paid. I own a company Grant Mfg. and Grant Riveters which is now in jeopardy and potential going to go out of business due to an extended absence.

My company not only providing for us but it is also very historic as I am Connecticut’s Oldest Machine Tool Builder and the World’s Oldest Riveting Machine Manufacturer.

After we got home from the Plastic Surgeon’s Office Melinda went straight to the computer and started Googling and saying there must be away to help reverse my condition?

This is truly where our journey begins. Four months earlier Melinda and I were in Miami celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary at the Aqualina Resort & Spa for 8 days. Melinda after just a few days in Miami became very ill with a stomach bug and spent most all of our Getaway in bed.

I became tired of the food on site and later in the week hobbled down to the concierge desk to have them drive me to a healthy organic restaurant. Fortunately the driver was out and I was told if I can make it across the street there is a casual organic farm to table restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So I hobbled across the busy boulevard in the rain almost getting run over to find the restaurant. The restaurant was fabulous and just what I was looking for. Shortly after my Seating my server waiter brought me a glass milk bottle full of water.

He walked away while I picked up my menu and glancing up at the water. Once I saw the water in the glass milk bottle I raised my voice and motioned for my server to return. He asked how he could help? I said what’s up with the water?

I explained, I have traveled extensively and never has anyone ever brought me water in a 1/2 gallons milk bottle. So tell me….? He politely said flip over your menu, so I did and found this write up on Kangen Water. It state; “Kangen Water” in Japanese means “Retun To Origin”

We proudly serve Kangen Water. Water as nature intended! Detoxifies internal organs, high in antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals, promotes good digestion, returns your body to a healthy, alkaline state with increased energy
I was like wow that’s unusual. I drank the whole 1/2 gallons and asked for a refill. This was a great restaurant as a man climbed up3 to 4 stairs on a ladder to fill the juicer with fruit. This place had me blown away. Dinnerware fantastic as I had the Mahi Mahi Taco dinner. Wow the citrus lime chutney knocked them out of the park.

I returned in the morning with Melinda as she was feeling better on our last morning prior to departure. I introduced the water to her over breakfast.

We returned to Connecticut and Google Drive it more but that was it until 4 months later when we returned from the Plastic Surgeon’s Office. Melinda was Googling and Googling and after all her searches was directed by our Lord back to the water.

She said your buy this machine for Christmas! I said our you sure. She said you have tried endlessly to improve your health with no success. Yes, we need to try this.

Well I the engineer that knows everything was very skeptical to say the least. I went back to work and Googled it too and was directed to Rhonda Gessner as my distributor. I went home and over the next few days and weeks I kept asking Melinda what we were going to do for Christmas? I got the same answer but looking for a different answer.

I was told if you have a problem paying for the machine then finance it. I said I can go up to the corner store and buy a few thousand bottles of water for that price. I was having an issue with the two cases of Fiji Water Melinda was buying each week never the less the cases of Aquafina for me.

So that day I picked up the phone and spoke to Ron and Rhonda Gessner in Lancaster PA and was given the finance company information. I called the finance company up but after a few minutes I thanked them and said no thank you.

I’m pretty tight! I called back Ron and Rhonda several times and made sure they knew I was returning this machine before 30 days. They told me in a nervous voice that less then 1% of these machines are returned and that they have never had one returned. They stated that they had sold well over 500 and close to a 1000 machines. Hmmmm

They both were very polite and always praise God. I remember saying to myself and then Melinda that the Gessner’s were very religious. I thought it was an act in the beginning but finally stated to Melinda that they are the real deal.

I was still adamant that I would be returning the water machine.
A week later I purchased via credit card the Enagic SD501. It arrived on Christmas Eve and on Christmas we opened the package and I installed it 10 minutes later.

…….And here is my AMAZING JOURNEY

I have had such AMAZING RESULTS since Christmas of 2014. I stop and think about all that has changed since I started drinking Kangen Water and taking Kangen UKON Sigma – TURMERIC!

DAY 1 (- 7) I purchase the Enagic SD501 medical grade water ionizer.

DAY 1 – Christmas Day weighed in at 300 Pounds. YIKES

DAY 8 – I came running out of the Condo (Can not run less walk well due to a severe car accident resulting in 75% numb feet. Just an AMAZING amount of energy.

DAY 12 – Racing down the hallway with? Brayden Age 6. Wow am I truly going to be able to be a husband again and a father to my boys?

DAY 30 – No more indigestion but still having trouble with my bowels. I only have half a colon.

DAY 33 – January 26 Heart Halter for 24 hours. Weighed in at 286. I argued it was 285 and lost…..

I was feeling amazing as I have struggled so just getting up in the morning and get going by later morning but closer to noon.
DAY 40 – DECLARED I am NO LONGER a TYPE 2 DIABETIC. No longer take 1000mg’s of Metformin twice daily.

I really am starting to have hope that I will get off these 20 Prescription drugs I take daily Four 10mg of Percocet RX a day for two years now plus a whole bunch of heart meds, muscle relaxers, to high cholesterol, diabetes, heart meds and so on…..

DAY 40 – DECLARED I NO LONGER have HIGH CHOLESTEROL. No longer take 40 mg’s of Simvastatin. I started helping a bit around the house, helping be a husband and a dad again.

DAY 44 – February 6th I had a Doctor’s appointment at the Plastic Surgeon’s Office. Weighed in at 274 Pounds. The route of this doctor had me worried to say the least.

DAY 49 – Pain Management Doctor has me run a test. I always push the limits!
6am Blood Sugar 114
7am Breakfast 3 bowls of Fruitloops LOL
8am Blood Sugar 164
9am Blood Sugar 133
10am Blood Sugar 103

DAY 50 – My incarcerated hernia was gone and reversed back to the incisional hernia. WOW! BINGO! Still not out of the woods but know I’m improving everyday and know I’m heading the right direction. My fear is that I fall apart with my back or hernias before I can correct these issues. It’s a fight against time. I have always explained I am like the space shuttle floating drifting around the earth held together with Duct Tape.

DAY 56 – CUT my Percocet RX from 10 mg – 325 by 3 to 4 times a day to 1 to 2 times per day.

DAY 62 – Went to the bathroom regularly 3 times today. Huge day in my life! Everyone kept telling me oh you will be regular in 30 days. Not Me…..

DAY 83 – March 17th
6am Wakeup
7am Breakfast 3 eggs up, 2-1/2 slices of bacon, one piece of toast with a little butter.
9am Blood Sugar 115

DAY 107 – April 10th
First Day without the need for Prescription Medicine. Down 20 Prescription Pills and ZERO to go!

DAY 131 – May 4th
Follow up appointment with my pain management doctor. He says I look absolutely amazing and states he always planned for me to get off the medicine. Really? I graciously thanked him. I gave him a gallon of water and said I will drive it to you each day for 30 days. He refused. Basically I fired him.

I went to CVS pharmacy to pick up a new prescription for my heart arrhythmia that only needs to be taken if I go into an arrhythmia A Flutter condition. I use to have problems daily.

Since i have been off all my medicine I have not had one heart arrhythmia issue since. When I gave my name to the young gal at the counter she went to the RX bin and came back with a handful of Prescriptions. I politely told her that I don’t need all those prescriptions any more. I fired CVS pharmacy too.

FREEDOM from my dependency on prescription drugs and financial success. I love Kangen Water! I’m hiring!

DAY 135 – May 8th
Today is my 30th Day without the need of Prescription Medicine. The BEST Part of DAY 135 is I can play with my children again!

DAY 221 – My arrhythmia problems I have been having multiple episodes a day are diminishing.

DAY 285 – My arrhythmia problems are all but non existent provided I drink a gallon of water a day. Not just any water as I drank this much if not more prior to obtaining this life altering device.

DAY 690 – My arrhythmia doctor Dr. Mark Schoenfeld one of the leading top 3 arrhythmia doctors in the country says during my office visit that we have know each other now for 25 years since you first came to see me.

Then I told you that you were my worst patient every and today I am happy to tell you that you are the .ostilly improved patient out of my whole career. Wow that made me cry. He still refused the water….. Wow!

SUMMARY: KANGEN WATER and UKON TURMERIC is the real deal! My quality of life is 2 to 3 times better than what it was at Christmas 2014.

My feet are 5% to 15% numb, tons of energy, much less arthritic, better sex drive, no side effects from gluten, more flexibility, more agile, much clearer brain, mood more stable, smiling and laughing more, less to none arrhythmia issues and my entire family has the same results.

Just so much more balanced. I thank God, my family and everyone else who has a part in this….. You know who you are! A Special Special thank you to God for directing my wife Melinda for not giving up and literally telling me to invest in my health with this life altering device.

Special Special thanks to God for leading me to Ron and Rhonda Gessner, a special thank you to my Melinda, Brayden, Calen and Caleb for not giving up on me and understanding why I couldn’t be there for you due to my health. Thank you to my family for allowing me to be a husband again and a father to these precious little men. I Pray to God and give it all to him!

PS. Rhonda Gessner I scanned my computer at work and found an email from your blog “A Killer In Your Fridge ~ Sweet Poison…A Must Read” from 2013 prior to me ever contacting you. Thank you again because since i searched your blog prior with this interesting topic it brought my family to Ron and yours! BWM 12/25/2016

There is much more to this story which include, abuse, motorcycles, witchcraft, diet, drugs and a lot of other junk in my trunk. God bless you all on your life journey!

I have changed 100’s of lives, shared this amazing technology with everyone who asks and would be honored to help you too. You can visit ย or message me in private on Facebook and Voice or Text to 203-583-7919.

The electromechanical engineer was proven wrong! I am now ready to change hundred and thousands of lives!
Merry Christmas!!!!!