CBD and Your Pet

Today I want to share some information about CBD and pets. Hopefully, you remember our discussion last week about the Endocannabinoid System but just in case you don’t, the purpose of the ECS is to keep your body in homeostasis (balance).

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) functions the same way in dogs, cats, and other animals as it does in humans.

Here are a few short testimonies about pets and CBD:

My mom’s dog is old and was throwing up a lot. She started him on CBD and he’s not throwing up anymore!

My cat has not gotten a hairball since we’ve been adding CBD drops to her water and treats. She gained a bit of weight which is good because she was too skinny. Overall she just seems so much happier, always purring and wanting attention. She’s like a completely different cat!

No more shakes from fireworks or loud noises! I wish we would’ve had it years ago! Anxiety is non-existent now.

My dog has diabetes… it helps lower her blood sugar levels and helps the pancreas regulate itself. I highly recommend it.

Yes, it calms my neurotic cat. I drop it on cat treats. They beg for it now.

My cat Zell will be 21 tomorrow. She was so sick when I started her on CBD. She was having kidney failure and muscle failure. Zell has improved in 2 months… she will wake me up at 4 am meowing. She loves snuggling and is now grooming herself and is very PLAYFUL.

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