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CBD on the News Again!

Almost every CBD news segment refers to CBD as the “wild wild west”.  It actually is not.  There is a Hemp Roundtable that has already established legislation with our federal and state government.  The Hemp Authority gave the Hemp Seal to only 15  companies for purity and safety and that’s out of thousands of companies.

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Sorry but this is very graphic…

Want to know what the doctor sees
when he does your colonoscopy?

Ewww no thanks. lol

It may not be a very good topic to
discuss during dinner but the health
of your colon is extremely important.

Have you ever heard the saying…
death begins in the colon?

Watch this 4 minute video by Dr.
Shinya who is considered one of
the very top physicians in the entire
world. He invented the polypectomy
and authored several books.

Eating an alkaline diet and drinking
Kangen Water are two of the very
best things you can do for your health.

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questions, I am here to help you achieve
the very best health possible.​​​​​​​

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4 Steps To Overcoming Sugar Cravings

Why do sweet sugary things taste
so good but yet they are so bad
for us?

Check out this list of the effects
on your body of too much sugar…

But don’t get discouraged…
there are ways to reduce our
craving for sugar.

Listen to this short 7 minute
video by Dr. Axe. He will give
you four steps to overcome
sugar cravings naturally:

Hope this information is
helpful… please let me know
if you have any questions.

To your good health…
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