My best recommendation would be to learn God’s word.  God created us and He gave us a manual called The Bible.  If you want your life to run smoother than you ever thought possible…study the manual.  The three teachers that have helped me the most are Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers and Dr. Creflo Dollar.  You can go to their websites to watch their sermons and / or look in your local TV guide to find out when they’re on in your area.

                                                                              I Can Only Imagine

This video was done by a youth group with white gloves and a black light…

Thank you Jesus for these dedicated young  people.

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5 thoughts on “Faith

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  2. Ever watch Les Feldick on T.V.? He’s on several different channels at different times Monday through Friday. One of the best Bible teachers I ever encountered. His teaching has been a real blessing for me.

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